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Exhibitor Responsibilities within Updated Horse Protection Act.

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McConnell's Show Horse Supply wishes to keep you informed about your responsibilities as an exhibitor of horses. The new updated guidelines are very specific on shoeing, weights, bands and substances. Please review the following document to be sure you are informed on your requirements for the use of equipment and substances. McConnell's purposely excludes from sale any substances (including counter-irritants and caustics) that are typically used to cause soring or cover up soring in show horses. We make every attempt to honestly describe the products we sell to promote information in decision making. McConnell's does not intend to single out any breed or discipline as we feel the ruling speaks for itself. Humane training and showing methods and enjoyment of all breeds of horses and show horses is our goal. We are here to help you build your passion and enjoy your sport, while your horse does the same. 

McConnell's Show Horse Supply provided full written commentary during the 30 day response period in the Fall of 2016. 

Please feel free to email us with any comments or concerns at info@mcconnellshorsesupply.com

Exhibitor Responsibilities:


Full comment on final ruling: